Top Must-Have Weed Accessories in 2022

September 17, 2022

Over centuries, especially the last decade, cannabis and its accessories have evolved. The hookah originated in India, the wooden pipe in Europe and now there are various options for each accessory diverse as the individuals that use them. It is more important than ever to be in the know so you can make an educated decision on what will work best for you. If you are not sure what cannabis accessories will compliment your lifestyle, don’t buy just anything. Read on here and then shop with the knowledge you need to make the right decision. 

This is your 411 on all the things! 


A plastic grinder works well for a day at the beach or a hike in the woods. They are inexpensive and get the job done just fine. A metal grinder, preferably aluminum, on the other hand is better for long-term use and offers more strength, stability and consistency. For those with arthritis or any other handicap causing trouble with turning a grinder, there are electric ones. Electric grinders are convenient but aren’t necessarily better than manual metal grinders. A metal grinder will most likely outlast an electric one, but if you need electric it’s there for you. 


If rolling joints is your thing, then a rolling tray is a need-to-have item. Some come in elaborate forms with special compartments for your weed, lighter and papers. There are also different sizes that do not have compartments and just serve as a flat surface for rolling. 


People still roll joints, now commonly referred to as pre-rolls at provisioning centers. The ritual of rolling a joint is something a lot of smokers truly enjoy and it does take a bit of practice. The great thing about papers is that they are easily accessible and sold in gas stations and party stores, as well as smoke shops and provisioning centers. Zig Zag is far from the only brand available these days, so shop around a bit and try something new. 


Papers are the little brother to blunt wraps. Blunt wraps are bigger and thicker so they hold more weed and take longer to smoke. They are also available in a variety of different flavors to add a little something special to the session. Traditionally blunt paper was made from tobacco leaves, but now there are chemical-free, organic and flavorful options. A cone is a type of blunt wrap that comes with a filter and is formed into the

shape of a cone. These are the way to go if you don’t really like rolling or haven’t perfected it yet. 


If you don’t care for rolling joints or simply don’t have time, a pipe is the next best option. Glass pipes come in beautiful colors and are literally pieces of art. They are fun to admire and smoke with, but break easily. Silicone is not as pretty but will never break and is much easier to clean. Chillums are a really inexpensive glass tube option for quick hits here and there. Basically they are a one-hitter made out of glass, as opposed to metal. 

Metal pipes are more difficult to clean, but sturdy. The old school one hitter dugout that looks like a cigarette is made from metal and has been a staple piece for decades. Wood, the original pipe material, needs to be burned a little before being used to create a layer of charcoal. Smoking out of a wood pipe even adds a little something special to your cannabis flavor. When it requires cleaning, this is where an actual pipe cleaner comes in. They’re not just for elementary school projects turns out! 


A bong steps things up a bit. Simply put, a bong gets you higher faster. They are made of glass and some have space in the bottom for water. With a bong, you inhale more smoke at once, so cool water makes for a smoother hit. A bubbler is just a smaller version of a bong. The bowl sits at the bottom of the bong and is normal in size, but the tube of the bong is much longer. They come in a variety of lengths, so the longer the shaft the bigger the hit. 


These are a must have for the dab fans! AKA…professional stoners. A dab, or concentrate, rig is essentially a bong that has a specialized attachment called a nail in place where a bowl would be on a bong . The nail holds the dab that is lit with a torch lighter turning the substance into vapor. 


These are important accessories for a multitude of reasons. Discretion is number one. Stash bags seal in cannabis aroma so children or any unapproving people around you are none the wiser. A stash box locks to ensure that nobody under the age of twenty-one, or anyone else for that matter, can take your cannabis. 

If one specific accessory mentioned here sparks your interest, there is a plethora of information available online. There are always variations of each item. Hazy, dark head shops still exist and are really fun to check out too! While some dispensaries will have what you’re looking for, smoke shops are the new venue for accessories. They are easy to find and can assist you in choosing the right thing for you. You can also always ask one of our Pharmhouse Pham members about accessories! Although we don’t carry them in the store, we have our favs around town and would love to help you get what you need. Good weed accompanied by a good accessory equals smoke sesh success!