Locally Grown, Locally Owned

January 10, 2024

Locally Grown, Locally Owned

Pharmhouse Wellness is locally grown, locally owned, and here to serve the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan, area.

Casey, one of the local owners of Pharmhouse Wellness, tending to his locally grown cannabis next to the store.

Pharmhouse Wellness is the only cannabis dispensary in Grand Rapids, MI, that is 100% locally owned AND grows their own cannabis on-site, which means we are uniquely qualified to bring you high quality cannabis straight from the source for a better price, since we cut out the middle man, and we can answer all your questions about our strains and how they were grown. Good luck finding that anywhere else.

Of course, if you have other brands you love, we probably have those too.

But you should definitely try the house brand. Wondering which strain to try first? We got ya covered.

Pharmhouse Wellness “Strain Rec”: Stink

Stink, one of the best strains grown on-site at Pharmhouse Wellness, the only 100% locally owned dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Stink is a strain bred by Tsunami Seeds, and grown right here in Grand Rapids at the Pharmhouse Wellness grow. On top of being a delightful indica-dominant hybrid, Stink (one of my personal all-time top-5 strains) comes in an artistic package designed by Pharmhouse’s go-to creative genius, the one and only Ashley Nash (@nashleyillustration on IG).

I, Christopher Tallon, love Stink because, as I said, it’s indica-dominant but it does not make me feel sleepy. On the contrary, because of it’s excellent anti-inflammatory properties, I use it before I work out, or at the end of a long day. If you’re looking to relax, calm your aching muscles, or just have a very pleasant high from a strong strain, I can’t recommend Stink enough.

And that package…phenomenal job, Ashley. (By the way, Ashley does commissions, so hit her up!)

Pharmhouse Wellness: for the people

You already heard me talk about Pharmhouse Wellness local this, local that…but that’s because Pharmhouse really is here for the community. Giving out meals at Thanksgiving, having pumpkin drives for Halloween, toy drives for Christmas, dog food drives, art fairs, bike rides, yoga events, and on and on.

The next event is…

Pharmhouse Wellness is partnering with Kula Yoga and ASHE Lounge for a women focused and cannabis educated, networking experience. CLICK HERE for details and to reserve your spot.

And here’s a video collage of some of our past community events/engagement.