Social Equity

West Wealthy Beautification

At Pharmhouse Wellness, we take pride in our neighborhood and seek to improve the community that we love.

PHW is located on the Southwest side of Wealthy St, in an area that has been designated by the city as a “transitional” zone. This zoning qualification blends both residential neighborhoods and commerce, creating a melting pot of business and home. In fact, what is now Pharmhouse Wellness Dispensary was previously a single-family residence that was built in the late 1890’s and was lovingly restored during the construction process.

From the very beginning, it was important to Casey and his wife Megan to give back to the community that made Pharmhouse possible. They spent countless hours talking with neighbors, business owners, and the John Ball Neighborhood Association, collecting important feedback from citizens about their concerns. It was and is essential to the owners that Pharmhouse Wellness respects the existing climate of the SW side.

When Casey first applied for a license to open a dispensary, he found out he qualified for the State of Michigan’s Social Equity Program. This program was created to help residents compete in the legal cannabis business by giving them discounts on taxes and fees if they met certain criteria. Casey found that his status as a caregiver, the fact that he had cannabis related convictions on his record, and his status as a current resident of Grand Rapids would all work in his favor with the social equity program. Instead of pocketing that discount, Casey and his wife decided to put those funds to good use. The West Wealthy Beautification Project was subsequently created.

The goal of the West Wealthy Beautification Project is, simply put, to beatify the Southwest side. To date, the WWBP has provided funding and volunteers for a variety of projects including planting dozens of trees, creating and distributing bird and bat boxes to increase the local populations, and adopting and cleaning a portion of a local highway. Our most visible project was our recent venture with talented local artists who created stunning murals and paintings along the West Wealthy corridor.

At Pharmhouse Wellness, we take our responsibility to our community seriously. As the only locally owned dispensary in the city of Grand Rapids, we feel an obligation to improve the city we chose to call home.

For more information on the WWBP or to volunteer for an upcoming event, click here!

I used to frequent other dispensaries when they had big sales, but now I’m buying virtually exclusively from what I consider to be Grand Rapids’ best and most honest cannabis shop…Here, unlike what you see elsewhere, there’s no greed – just inclusivity and kindness, as they give back to patients everywhere, and to the people who share this area with them.


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