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Recreational Marijuana

At Pharmhouse Wellness, we also see the value in recreational cannabis use.

At Pharmhouse Wellness, we also see the value in recreational cannabis use. Whether you are camping, going to a concert, stand-up comedy show, the movies, creating art, or whatever other activity, cannabis can enhance your senses and offer a different perspective during your activity of choice.

When you shop for recreational cannabis at Pharmhouse, you will need a valid state ID to verify that you are of legal age 21+ years old. When you navigate our menu, you will notice [REC] or {MED} in front of the product listing. Be sure to only add products that are labeled [REC] to your order.

Our staff is very passionate about cannabis and are eager to share our suggestions with you, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. It’s always a good idea to tell your budtender what kind of experience you are looking for, which will help guide us in our recommendations.

Tips from the Pham

Meg, Marketing Director

Recommended Strain: Chemdog D x TK
Cultivator: Pharmhouse Wellness
Breeder: CSI Humboldt

“The bright orange pistils are beautifully braided into the lime green nugs of this strain. The smell and taste is SUPER gassy; a double dose of kush and gas. With a terpene profile of predominantly myrcene and caryophyllene, this strain sent my body into a nice state of relaxation as I mentally traveled into the land of euphoria. Something unique about this strain is that while I was relaxed and at ease, I was still very much so mentally and creatively stimulated. I worked on some art and I was able to carry on conversations and full thoughts, just with more laughter than usual. This is my current favorite strain, hands down.”

I’d recommend Pharmhouse to anyone living in or near Grand Rapids. They make for a personable experience every time, and are ALWAYS super friendly! The prices are great and the products are even better! Keep it up Pharmhouse team! You’ve gained my business for as long as I live in GR!!


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