The ONLY 100% Locally Owned Dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan

December 7, 2023
Exterior view of Pharmhouse Wellness, the only 100% locally owned dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Pharmhouse Wellness is proud to be the only 100% locally owned cannabis dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When you’re looking for a dispensary at a time when there’s plenty of choices, and not much separating one dispensary from another, there’s only two questions you need to ask yourself. (Or Google.):

  1. Which dispensary in Grand Rapids, MI, is locally owned?
    • A: Pharmhouse Wellness is the only 100% locally owned dispensary in GR.
  2. Which dispensary in Grand Rapids, MI, has locally grown cannabis?
    • A: Pharmhouse Wellness has a grow facility right next door to the shop.

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Pharmhouse Wellness: Locally Owned, Locally Grown, & here for you

Pharmhouse Wellness: a 100% locally owned dispensary

The power and possibility of cannabis deeply draws Casey Kornoelje, the founder of Pharmhouse Wellness, to the plant.

In his high school years, Casey grew marijuana in his bedroom closet in his parents’ house. Growing up in Alaska, his mom and dad operated a fishing boat business and lived a naturalistic lifestyle. “I’ve always been interested in cannabis,” he says. He continued to grow plants throughout high school and college—activities that resulted in a felony…(read more)

For more about the shop and its origins, you can also listen to Casey tell the story of Pharmhouse Wellness on the podcast Creative Ops, and watch this video of Casey’s mom helping out:

Pharmhouse Wellness: Locally Grown

Three houses East of Pharmhouse Wellness Dispensary, housed in a beautifully hand-painted warehouse, you will find phase two of our operation; the brand-new Pharmhouse Wellness Grow and Cultivation building.

Exterior of the Pharmhouse Wellness grow facility

Owner Casey Kornoelje, a former caregiver and lifelong cannabis enthusiast, is the lead grower. Providing caregiver-quality product to the community at a fair price is important to Casey. He has lovingly collected seeds and genetics from all over the country for the last decade, waiting patiently until the final license from the state came through to formally start the growing process. His patience paid off in May of 2022, and the grow took roots.

Strain Rec: Budtender Brianna likes “gastro pop” by Society C

Pharmhouse Wellness strain recommendation from budtender Brianna: Gastro Pop

Brianna says, “Oh! It’s so amazing! It has a sweet and flavorful taste.” From her experience with Gastro Pop, Brianna wants you to know it’s not like a traditional indica. “I know it says indica hybrid…but for me, the effects of it are…more of an elevated mood. You’ll find yourself super giggly; I was giggling on that stuff for hours.”

The dominant terpene in Gastro Pop is myrcene, which reportedly has anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain reliever), and antibacterial properties. At the time of this posting, it is available at Pharmhouse for medical and recreational customers.

Watch Brianna’s full explanation on YouTube.

Pharmhouse Wellness: Best Deals in Grand Rapids

*Deals available while supplies last. Subject to Availability. Exclusions may apply. DEALS NEVER STACK.

Here at Pharmhouse Wellness, where we’re the only 100% locally owned dispensary in Grand Rapids, we offer the best specials this city has to offer. And when you shop at Pharmhouse, you’ll find every day low prices on in-house grown strains. You’ll also find, when shopping, great daily deals from a variety of vendors. Shop the deals now, but be sure to check back often, as the deals change every day. Stop by the store or call the shop for more information. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will do their very best to meet your needs. Be sure to ask about our rewards program.