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September Local Artist Market


Saturday, September 24, 2022





Pharmhouse Wellness
(get directions)

We invite you to our last Local Artist Market of the year, on Saturday, September 24th from 10am to 4pm.

We have booked several local artists to sell their wares in our gravel lot behind the dispo. If you can’t find parking in the back, thanks to Tanglefoot (across Straight street from the Toke Tent), we are also using that lot for event parking. Follow the event parking signs to guide you.

Basalt will be vending some delicious Tex-Mex craft comfort food, that is inclusive and intentional. We are excited to have them join us for our last market of the year!

Music will be brought to you by Silence, who will be mixing some house/uk garage beats to enhance the walk-through the market and the hangouts in the Toke Tent.

The Toke Tent of course will be up! Redemption Cannabis will be sponsoring the tent, with pre-roll giveaways to enjoy inside of the tent. This is a 21+ event only, so please bring a valid photo ID with you. This is the only designated consumption area of the event, no consumption will be permitted outside of the tent. There will be a hydration station set up by the Toke Tent and dining area because that’s exactly what a bunch of stoners need!

There will also be a “stoner surprise giveaway” so be sure to ask about details at the market. The winner will be announced on our Instagram account –

The wares range from books, pottery, stash jars, prints, paintings, jewelry, comics, repurposed clothing, oddities & curiosities, moss art, DnD dice, and more!

One of the artists, Christopher Tallon , will have his tent set up close to the Toke Tent where he will be selling his book. He will also have his recording gear for his Creative Ops podcast setup at the tent for anybody to chat with him. He wants to talk to locals about art, w33d, and more! Some of the Pharmhouse artists’ work will also be set up by his tent.

Join us for a day of local art, local cannabis, and community! Can’t wait to see you there!

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Me and mine attended the 4/20 event. It meant a lot to us to get to connect over cannabis in such a positive way at a really wonderful event, and the care the whole Pham put into not only curating the very thoughtful and medicinal cannabis experiences, but building community and making positive changes in our community(ies) and world are so evident, it’s always magnificent to see in action!

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