The Best Way to Store Your Marijuana

September 10, 2021

Storing Your Stash

By law, in Michigan, we’re each allowed to have up to 10 ounces of cannabis in our house at any given time. And if you’re lucky enough to have 10 ounces of flower, you need to make sure it’s stored to maintain maximum potency and freshness. 

One of the challenges of storing large amounts of cannabis is keeping mold from growing on the product. The cultivators that provide Michigan’s cannabis to stores like Pharmhouse Wellness work hard to carefully dry and cure the bud and package it when it has the optimum moisture content—somewhere between 6-9 percent. When it’s packaged, excess air is removed to keep mold and mildew away.

Cannabis that’s too moist can grow mold or mildew, and no one wants to consume that kind of flower. Ideally, your cannabis should be in a container that is dark in color, clean, dry and has a humidity level of less than 65 percent. Without buying a special cannabis humidor for storage, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your cannabis stays fresh. 

Cannabis Storage Tips

Make sure to store your cannabis in a container that’s the right size for the bud you have—the less air, the better, so you can take a hint from the size of your original package. It’s going to be “just right” for what you have. 

The cultivators also work to remove air from packages too. So if you have cannabis in a jar or box from the provisioning store, you can keep it in that, and once you open it, close it up as soon as you’re taking out the bud, squeezing out as much air as possible. Don’t leave it open longer than needed, and don’t open it more often than necessary.

Some growers use little dehumidifying packets in their cannabis—they’re designed to keep humidity in the packages at 62 percent relative humidity. They’re made to fit specific size packages, so if you find one, hold onto it and pop it into another similarly-sized container. You can also use these little packs to reintroduce some humidity to older, dry cannabis. Keep the weight of the package, and the container close to the size noted on the packet.

People have sometimes used orange peels and damp cotton balls in foil to reintroduce moisture to cannabis—but that’s also a way to bring in mold or other contaminants. 

Moderate Temperatures for Your Cannabis

Here in Michigan, for the most part you don’t have to worry about radically high and consistent temperatures, though humidity can be an issue.

People often wonder about storing cannabis in the refrigerator or freezer. This is really only necessary if you have prolonged periods of heat and humidity, and can result in potency loss of cannabis flower—trichomes can degrade and break due cold temperatures and we don’t want that! If you have air conditioning in your home, overheating probably won’t be an issue—but if you don’t find the cool, dark space in your home and stash your product there. 

Avoiding Light and Air with Cannabis

Light, especially ultraviolet light, degrades the quality of cannabis, so storing your stash in a clear glass container like a mason jar isn’t ideal unless it’s also stored in a dark place like a drawer or cabinet.

Likewise, avoid storing your cannabis in a plastic bag and avoid plastic altogether unless it is bisphenol A or BPA-free, you don’t want any BPA gases in your cannabis. 

If you’re in a pinch and using a ziploc bag for temporary storage make sure to squeeze out any excess air in the bag before sealing it. 

If perchance you have a vacuum-sealing apparatus that’s BPA-free (which for food it will be, sweaters maybe not) you can use it for sealing and storing large quantities of cannabis that need storing for extended periods of time.

Keep Your Old Weed

Properly stored cannabis will last about two years—but the older it gets, the less potent it will be. On the upside, the THC and THCA in cannabis are converted to CBN in more aged cannabis and it’s known to help with relaxing and sleep. So don’t toss your old cannabis!

Improper storage of cannabis can result in a loss of THC potency and affect the flower’s smell and taste. To keep your bud in optimal condition, review the harvest date on the package and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, light and air.

Pro Tip: Like other food products cannabis edibles can be frozen without losing potency. Just make sure to mark them or separate them from other food items in your freezer.

If you have questions about storing your cannabis—just ask at Pharmhouse Wellness. We’re happy to advise.