Pharmhouse Wellness’ Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

December 16, 2022

It’s almost that time of year again—Hanukkah* is just around the corner, and Christmas is speeding our way, too. If you’re inclined to give cannabis gifts, we have some ideas for you with our annual cannabis holiday gift guide. So check out our suggestions and head for our menu to speed up your shopping. 

Petra Cannabis-Infused Mints in Taigon Cinnamon, Tart Cherry, Pineapple

For The Beginner

Everyone has to start somewhere with cannabis, and if you know someone who isn’t into smoking (yet) but is interested in checking things out, we recommend Petra Mints. These good-tasting and low-dose (2.5mg) THC candies are just right for the cannabis novice. They come in three flavors and are about as easy as an edible can be.

3 for $55 or $18 each

Pharmhouse Wellness's locally grown cannabis flower

For The Localist Stoner

Want to impress your local-loving-weed-smoking friend with a fantastic gift? We suggest you give a  ⅛ jar of one of our Grand Rapids-grown strains. Top of the nice list is Stink; at 31 percent THC, it’s what a stoner is looking for to make the holidays bright. We also have Trmp’s Candy coming in at 24 percent THC. Again, small-batch grown and lovingly attended to; Pharmhouse weed is worthy of smoking.

$40 and $35

Bath dust in pink and lime green

For Mom

Your momma deserves this CBD-rich baller bag of bath dust. So pass this on to mom on Christmas with a nice pre-roll and give her some heavenly peace. 


Michigan Organic Rub

For The Athlete or The Elders

When you have muscle strain from running too many miles or joint pain from arthritis, we’ve got you covered this holiday season. Michigan Organic Rub is possibly the best balm around. First, it smells so good. Like good enough to eat good (but don’t do that), and it works like magic. The Vanilla Mint is our favorite, but Lavender Woods is equally excellent. Trust us, this stuff works.


14-gram Old Pal Ready to Roll kit

For The Traveler

For people on the move who don’t have space in their bag for a grinder and an ⅛ jar, we recommend the 14-gram Old Pal Ready to Roll kit. The Pineapple Express or Lilac Diesel cannabis is pre-ground, and there’s a pack of papers and crutches in the super dope envelope. Gift it with a Pharmhouse lighter to show them some extra love.


Redemption flower in dark and swarthy packaging

For Dad

If there is a cannabis brand that speaks to men, it’s Redemption. The flower is always high quality, and the dark and swarthy packaging is just cool—like Bruce Springsteen is cool. Like dad, cool. Hand him an ⅛ of Redemption’s High Society, some papers and a lighter, and you WILL be his favorite kid this holiday season.


Pre-rolls from Rare Michigan Genetics and DaFakto

For The Delivery Person

Whether it’s the postal worker, the pizza delivery guy, or your Shipt lady, these hard-working people deserve special thanks. So, instead of chocolate-covered cherries from the DoGe, grab some of our pre-rolls from Rare Michigan Genetics and DaFakto and make their day!

 3 for $20 

Wyld gummies

For The Gourmet

We carry a lot of edibles at Pharmhouse, and top-of-the-line are Wyld gummies. Made with real fruit juice and flavors unique to the company’s home state of Oregon, they provide a sweet buzz without all the fuss. Try Marionberry, Huckleberry, or Pear, and for a great night of sleep, Elderberry is the best.

$12 each

$18 med only for Elderberry

Old Dune Farm 8-count Pre-Roll Pack

For The Co-worker

Everyone needs to have a best friend at work, and yours deserves a great gift, too. Packaged in a nifty reusable tin, the Old Dune Farm 8-count pre-roll pack comes in Garlic Budder or Hella Jelly and is made from bud, not shake.


North Coast Donut for your BFF

For Your BFF

This pre-roll is a gift for sharing, so when you give your bestie a North Coast Donut 2.5 gram infused pre-roll, suggest they fire it up immediately and enjoy it together. These premium flower live rosin pre-rolls are so good and if you’ve never had an infused pre-roll, now is the time. They taste great and give you a powerful, lasting buzz. 


*we’ve been reading a bit about Hannukah and cannabis, and it’s a thing.

We wish you all the best for a wonderful holiday season. We’re glad to have you as part of the Pharmhouse Pham, and we’re looking forward to a phantastic 2023.