2023 Movie Nights

September 26, 2023

Everyone enjoys a wonderful evening outside cozying up to a fire. While we can’t set-up a giant bonfire for safety reasons, we think the same could be said about a good movie. So that’s what we decided to do! Right in front of the shop we setup up a cozy tent setting complete with tikki torches, water, and plenty of space for guests to bring a chair, blanket, and a friend.

How do we chose which movie will be featured? Simply put, we don’t! We let the public decide! A few weeks before our movie night, we always put up a vote on instagram for the public to give us their best suggestions for what to see. From there, we choose 4 of the most popular requests and then let the public decide on which of the 4 movies will be shown. This year, our first movie was Jurrassic Park (1993) then our second was Beetlejuice (1988).

Social Misfits provided a mac and cheese bar complete with sriracha mayo, pickled onions, and bacon pieces; all to make your mac and cheese dreams come true. Ice Kream Hash Co. brought their dab bar, for anyone curious to try some top tier concentrates. Finally, Terple Gang has provided pre-rolls for those that enjoy a simple joint while they watch the movie.

In 2023, we had 2 movie nights which were a huge success. If you would like to participate in any of our future movie nights, stay tuned-in to our Instagram, and Events page for more information. Check out the gallery below to see what’s it’s like to be at one of our movie nights.