Grams and Jams

February 10, 2022

Why do music and cannabis work so well together? 

For starters, weed brings you into the moment, so you’re completely present with the music. Secondly, marijuana provides you with the perceived expansion of time so when you’re listening to music you can really get lost in it which can be a meditative experience. Scientific studies have been done comparing brain activity while listening to music with cannabis and without, and results show that your brain is much more focused with cannabis.  It doesn’t change music or time obviously, just your perception of it. We believe cannabis pretty much makes anything you do better and music is one of those things!

Without going down the rabbit hole of specifics, we can confidently say a lot of songs were written by musicians under the influence of cannabis, so it follows that you, too, the listener will truly feel the music more deeply when you’re high. 

Different cannabis strains have different effects, so we’ve put some suggestions together for you to reach your maximum listening pleasure.

Reggae with Sativa-leaning strains

Suggested strains: Lemon Swirl, Mob Boss, Strawberry Cough, Tropicanana Cookies

This Jamaican-based genre was created by and made famous by the great Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Reggae music has a specific vibe of love, unity, while mixing in some political messages with songs like Legalize It and Get Up Stand Up. It’s generally upbeat and makes you wanna do a little skanking, so an energetic sativa works perfectly.

The Blues with Indica-leaning strains

Suggested strains: Lion OG, Wedding Cake, Slurricane, GMO, Kush Mints, Hindu Kush

It’s something we can all identify with…having the blues. The only way to heal an emotion is to fully feel it and let it go, so why not add some cannabis to the healing journey. Weed brings you into the present and focusing on music can be extremely therapeutic, so the two together is a win. This genre is very mellow and deep, so a nice indica is in order here.

Rap with Hybrid strains

Suggested strains: Sundae Driver, Motorbreath, Ice Cream Cake, Runtz

We have mad respect for rap artists. They freely admit and write songs about smoking weed. The rhymes and recurring beat patterns are paired well with a hybrid strain and there are more hybrid strains than ones that are more sativa or more indica heavy. Our suggestions here are just the start, as there are so many good hybrids on the Pharmhouse shelves.

Jam Bands with Indica-leaning strains

Strains:  Apple Fritter, Molotov #21, Stay Puft

Weed seems to make time stand still a bit, so those long jam sessions of The Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic and Phish are revered by stoners everywhere. These bands have a hippie fan base known for their cannabis lifestyles. During those riffs these musicians seem to become one with their instrument and it’s so fun to listen to and a good indica will take you there. The vibe here is chill, so indica is a good match.

Funk with Hybrid strains

Suggested strains: Mafia Funeral, Oreoz, Secret Donkey, Spiked Punch

This urban dance music is heavy on bass and drums, so you can feel the beat in your core. And yes, of course weed makes this experience even better. George Clinton and the P-Funk send the message of feeling good, vibing high and enjoying a life of joy and laughter, while standing up for Black rights and exploring spirituality. Can you think of a better way to really get into the flow of these beats than with some hybrid Mary Jane? Yeah, we can’t either, so we suggest you go for it.

EDM with Sativa-leaning strains

Strains: Inzane in the Membrane, Lemon Zkittles, Kiwi Flower, Lilac Diesel, Boss Hogg

This is the music that makes you wanna move your bod! You truly feel it from head to toe and cannabis is known to enhance that for sure. High energy sativa strains are perfect for letting your inhibitions go and allowing the beat to guide you. The overall body high of edibles can take this music experience to a whole new place too!

The thing is really that it’s up to you to decide what works best when it comes to music and cannabis. The suggestions here are just what we’ve experienced within the Pharmouse Pham. It could be completely different for you, so get ready to have so much fun figuring it out. Cannabis strains are as unique as music itself, so finding out what jams you like with what strains is just one of those fun things you get to do in life—over and over again! 

Pro-Tip: No two people experience music the same way and trying new things is the spice of life. Try different strains by buying just a pre-roll or gram at first and see where it takes you. You can come up with a whole new list of jams and grams of your own!