Best Cannabis Strains for Autumn

November 18, 2021

Who doesn’t love autumn? Leaf peeping and leaf-raking, hiking, dramatic skies, football games, apple cider, wool socks, cozying up with comfort food and all the family gatherings. Michigan is a paradise all year round, but fall is extraordinary, and there are a few cannabis strains that we’re recommending for you to enjoy as we get ready for the holidays and hunker down for winter.

Take a Hike with Jesus OG

There’s nothing like the combination of a known peacemaker and a known killer to make for a super intriguing cannabis strain.

We recommend Jesus OG from Rare Michigan Genetics

It’s a hybrid of Jack the Ripper and Hell’s OG. Its leading terp is terpinolene which is on the fruity side and has a pine, floral and herbal scent with a presence of citrus. Maybe that’s why we like it for a walk in the woods. It’s mostly known for its energizing and creative effects; it’s relaxing, but still leaves you clear in the head—so you don’t get lost and can read the trail maps! It’s been testing at 28 percent THC, which is bold and will keep you for a nice long hike.

Family Events

It seems like gatherings with the family are some of the best of times and the most anxiety-producing events that we live through each Thanksgiving.

If you’re headed to a Thanksgiving dinner where you need to remain calm and kind, we recommend Lilac Diesel Real Leaf Solutions. It contains the terpene terpinolene known for its uplifting properties but still leaves you clear-headed enough for dinner-time conversations. Its THC is a pleasant 22 percent, so you won’t be too buzzed to keep up with all the eating, talking, reminiscing and arguing.

At the Big Game

Need a little something to keep you up and cheering at the stadium or on the courts?

We recommend Grapefruit Durban, cultivated by our Grand Rapids neighbors Terrapin Care Station. This cross between Grapefruit and Durban poison is a sweet pick-me-up strain and magically has a sweet-sour smell like a fresh, ripe grapefruit. It has a big energizing buzz that you’ll like if the game goes into overtime or isn’t going as expected. It’s a great strain for anytime you need a solid uplift. The terpene mix of myrcene with limonene and caryophyllene is amazing and with THC at 22.8 percent, you’ll be cruising nicely.

Chilling at Home

There’s nothing like Gorilla Glue strain family for relaxing and taking life one moment at a time.

And Duct Tape from Michigrown brings it on. This heavy-on limonene terpene is the ultimate relaxer. This strain is a cross between Original Glue and Do-Si-Dos and possesses an excellent flavor and bold gassy smell. The high runs from head to toe, and if you like an earthy flower with chocolate notes, this will make you very happy. It tests in at 27 percent THC, so be ready to chill with this one.

Holiday Parties

Whether hosting a party or attending someone else’s shindig, Lemon Pound Cake is a solid choice for being around people. It comes to us from Exotic Matter, which is a cross between and Lemon Skunk and Cheese. The THC is accessible 21 percent, so it’s excellent for being upright and focused at your own event or a guest. Its primary terpene is myrcene—which is peppery in scent, and it might even remind you of beer as the terpene myrcene is also found in hops. It’s an uplifting strain and tends to make people more talkative, energetic and euphoric. Perfect for an introvert at a party, right?

Pro Tip: knowing your terpenes is the best way to understand cannabis. Check out our blog on that topic. 

There are hundreds, maybe a thousand cannabis strains to choose from, and finding one that suits your mood is a personal decision and involves some trial and error. We have more than 150 flower options for you to select from and our budtenders are more than happy to tell you about some of their favorites, too.