3 Overlooked Ways to Enhance Your High

February 2, 2023

Do you ever feel like your cannabis routine is getting old and boring? Whether a beginner or a pro-consumer, at some point in our personal cannabis history, we may find that the high no longer provides the same satisfaction. 

The good news is that there are a few tried-and-true methods you can include in your routine to make your cannabis experiences more pleasurable and longer-lasting. The following are the three important yet overlooked strategies to prolong and intensify your high.

1. Take a Puff After a Workout

Get some good exercise, whether at the gym, on a run or on a lengthy stroll, and grab your favorite strain from Pharmhouse Wellness. The high you get from working out (endorphins) along with fresh flower (terpenes and cannabinoids) creates a firm foundation for an improved smoking session. 

Trying to top your last high is a great reason to get up, get out and move. It’s a win-win situation!

2. Breathe in Slowly & Calmly

When you first start smoking cannabis, you may feel a little unsteady. Especially when it comes to taking a drag. The quality of your high will greatly improve if you take your time and focus on taking deep, full breaths while inhaling the smoke. If you’re having trouble relaxing, try breathing by the 4-2-4 count. Like this; inhale for 4 seconds, stop for 2 sec, then exhale for 4. Doing so will aid in introducing smoke deeper into your lungs.

3. Alter Your Approach

Only half of the equation is what strain of marijuana you use and in what way. The effect of consumption depends on what you do and the accessory you choose.

It might be time to upgrade!

If you’re not getting a quality high, no matter what you’re smoking, maybe you should try something new. Here are some ideas.

Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs are designed to draw smoke down into the lungs, where it can be filtered and condensed. They’re simple to make and require only everyday materials.

Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis drinks are somewhat new and come in ready-to-go cans, or in drink drops for DIY. Well, for many consumers, this is a new approach, and with nanotechnology drinks and drink drops can be more fast acting than edibles. But trust us—cannabis beverages can change the high game for you.


If you’ve been a fan of flower and avoided edibles (usually due to one-time accidental overconsumption) consuming an edible has a different effect on your body than smoking does. You might find that this variation enhances your high.

Herbal Vaporizers

Vaping is a healthier alternative to straight-on smoking and using a herbal vaporizer like a Pax allows you to heat your cannabis to the ideal temperature without destroying any of the euphoric compounds. 

Vape Carts

Cannabis concentrates like vape carts are a different cannabis experience—more potent than flower, they can pack a punch in just 2-3 puffs. Look for live resin for the best result. 


When you’re ready to up your game for a new high—you might consider a dab. Using resin, rosin, butter, sugar, buddar, diamonds, wax or sauce these very concentrated cannabis materials are heated up on a dab rig, and inhaled for a very heady and potent high. There’s some gear and futzing involved, but it’s worth it. There are also handy dab or wax pens for those who don’t want to mess around.

One Last Thing

The simplest and most wise way to increase the potency of your cannabis high is to consume less of it. We know—taking a break is just no fun. But even one week without weed can renew your high.

Thanks to the people at AlphaRoot, a cannabis business insurance company, for providing this content to Pharmhouse Wellness.